Women’s Day Observed at School of Business and Entrepreneurship

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship of Independent University, Bangladesh held a brief ceremony to emphasize prominent women empowerment throughout the student community.

Prof. Dr. Meherun Ahmed, respected dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, initiated this uplifting event. The celebration gathered students, faculty, and staff from the SBE to commemorate the women’s movement. Students, faculty members, volunteers from IMA, and SBE staff all decided to wear purple, pink, or white to stand in and express solidarity. Every member of the faculty and staff was also seen putting a purple flower with their outfit. Insightful discussions were held on how we can all challenge the status quo and keep women leaders in business fields in an ever-changing world while addressing gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. Everyone then marched the entire floor while singing the song “We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome Someday.” to inscribe courage, comfort, and hope to all the women out there and to stand united with them. Later, the celebration concluded with a photo session with faculty, staff, and active volunteers. This celebration has opened the door to potential initiatives that will soon take place in the SBE. Some of these include installing a sanitary napkin vending machine in the female common area, establishing a “Women for Women” forum, and developing a ride-sharing app for IUB female students, employees, and faculty members.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

Here at SBE, we are surrounded by the academic, social, and personal achievements of inspiring women every day. SBE will soon begin highlighting the accomplishments of female leaders, young entrepreneurs, and leaders through talk shows and events. SBE is delighted to host events and activities to recognize the contributions of women at IUB as well as the journey that must be taken to achieve gender equality for all, following this year’s #BreakTheBias theme. The goal is to bring the entire institution together to transition to a more sustainable future and for that SBE has been trying to achieve sustainability through these initiatives.