UCB Stock Brokerage Flagship Internship Program organized by Independent Accounting Association (IAA)

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Independent Accounting Association (IAA) of the Department of Accounting in collaboration with UCB Stock Brokerage Limited on 24th March 2022 successfully organized the UCB Stock Brokerage Limited Flagship Internship Program Orientation for the students of Independent University, Bangladesh. It was an engaging session with 90 upcoming intern students attending the orientation workshop.

Dr. Rushdi Md. Rezaur Razzaque, Head, Department of Accounting, SBE inaugurated the program with his opening remarks and words of encouragement towards the students of IUB and a note of thanks to the speakers from UCB Stock Brokerage Limited.  Miss Fizah, Mr. Rakib, and Mr. Sakib, all Management Trainees from UCB Stock Brokerage Limited conducted the session, while the session was anchored by Mr. Naveed Adnan, Coordinator of Independent Accounting Association.

This session provided valuable information to the students about the Flagship Internship Program. Students, who would soon be undertaking their internship, had an opportunity to learn about all the program’s selection requirements and career benefits. Furthermore, the students actively engaged with the speakers, asking questions and sharing comments relating to the program.

This program is a continuation of the efforts by the Department of Accounting and Independent Accounting Association to enhance the written, verbal, and IT communication skills and employability of the soon-to-be graduate students.