IHRS Organizes its Grand Meetup and Celebrates 5 Years of Journey

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Independent Human Resource Society (IHRS) hosted their first offline orientation after pandemic and 5 years celebration for newly recruits and students from HR department.

The current president Shanjana Islam and the vice president S.M. Sadman Haque hosted the event. The founder of IHRS Mr. Aminur Rashid, former president Mr. Mazed hossain Makki, former vice president Mr. Iftekhar Bin Elias gave their precious speeches towards the audience. The honorable dean Prof. Meherun Ahmed was also present at the event and amazed everyone with her excellent speech and outstanding performance. The HR department head, A. N. M. Shibly, Noman Khan, Sir, was also present and shared his inspiring words with the audience. IHRS also welcomed the club coordinator, Abdullah Al Ahad Sir.

IHRS showcased their activities and behind the scenes through some short clips and kept the audience engaged with mesmerizing cultural programs, including songs, dance, recitation performances, and 2 exciting game segments.

At the end of the event, IHRS introduced their snack partner Mr.Manik Foods and the food partner The Munshi Terrace. Winners got attractive prizes from our gift partners. Photography Partner for the event was Photoroma Photography: Wedding & Events. More than 70 new members and 400+ HR enthusiasts attended the grand meetup.

The orientation program ended by emphasizing that everyone is welcomed warmly to join the IHRS family and that it looks forward to nurturing the members for a brighter future. It was festive vibe with lots of nice photographs with happy faces all around and everyone enjoyed delicious snacks and refreshments.