About the Department

Every major industry has been affected by international business trends, innovations and trade. To be successful in the international business arena, it is important to develop an awareness of the issues connected with operating businesses within and across different economies, different political systems, and different cultures. The paradigm shift occurs in the nature and volume of cross-border activities. An area of interest is the study of emerging markets Ė rapidly growing economies that are building a substantial number of middle-class consumers through market liberalization, institutional reforms, industrialization, and privatization. As a promising economy Bangladesh is advancing rapidly and the contribution of family business in international trade and investment grows. Many domestic companies are shifting their operations and trading activities to the multiple countries. By observing the potential academic and professional significance, Independent University Bangladesh (the only private university in Bangladesh) opens International Business as a separate department. The major aims of this department are to provide insights to students about thelegal &political, cultural, and commercial environment affecting cross-border trade and investment activities. Besides, here graduates can enhance their knowledge through studying WTO rules and regulations, WIPO and its functionalities, global trade patterns and flows, international management and trade policy issues and more. School of Businessís International Business department curriculum prepares students for careers in export and import firms, international banking, multinational business, government agencies, international organizations and more. The department links students, faculty, curriculum, and external relationships to create a cohesive, international resource, and to build a global mindset and enhance the global competitiveness of our students, faculty, and the business community. The motive of this department is to develop and train a new generation of global business leaders who possess a keen understanding of the competitive global economy, appropriate language skills, and cultural experiences.International business graduates tend to be open-minded, flexible, curious, adaptable and independent.