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To assist the Readymade Garment (RMG) sector of Bangladesh to compete in the global market more efficiently


1. Conduct research into the RMG sector and help the managers with views of better production techniques and producing higher quality products in a cost effective manner
2. Suggest through research, improved business models and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that can be adopted by the RMG sector.
3. Develop Short Diploma courses in Merchandising
4. Train the generation of today into better leaders by giving them more hands on experience in courses of management and leadership
5. Training solutions for WHS issues
6. Training the managers by going to the sites and offering them short diploma courses, which will not only increase their existing skills and knowledge, plus also motivate them as done in developed countries like Australia.
7. Training on entrepreneurial skills through the development of professional courses which will not only address the current management issues raised by concerned participants at the roundtable but will also increase productivity

Potential Benefits

- Quarterly publication of the RMG iNFORMER, a news bulletin based on empirical research.
- Arranging large scale roundtable discussion, seminars and conferences on contemporary issues of the RMG sector and dissemination of the information to the stakeholders.
- Providing skilled professional to the RMG sector.
- Developing and maintaining a comprehensive RMG index