About the Department

The management information systems (MIS) program is designed to provide a blended experience for the student emphasizing on both technical and functional knowledge. With strong academic foothold, this program is developed to prepare students with information systems skills. MIS, an interdisciplinary area, would include management, information systems, and computer technologies. Business problem solving through innovative technological solution is the key to the future. Efficient usage of information systems to aid business decisions plays a vital role in todayís corporate world. Understanding of Business process reengineering for optimising business operations with appropriate information system tools is a necessary engagement for any business.

MIS department has evolved and incorporated the knowledge behind a successful implementation of information systems with its components, strategies, analytics etc. With the proper technical skills, the students are also trained in managerial skills for IT management. MIS major students would cover basic information system concepts including Database, Telecommunication networking, System analysis design, Accounting information systems, Management information systems. Along with these basic courses, the students can choose two other free electives from a range of up-to-date and innovative courses. Some of the free elected courses are E-commerce, Web designing, Object oriented programming, Decision support systems, knowledge management systems etc.

We have excellent faculty and support staff in our department along with fully equipped computer laboratories and class rooms. Seminars, symposiums, workshops, technical training programs, and frequent industry visits are the regular activities in our department. Training programs are consisting of Graphic designing, Digital marketing, Advanced Excel, ERP software training, and web development training. Students graduating from MIS department are well accepted in the corporate and academic fields in home and abroad.