Hello, I would like this opportunity to welcome you on behalf of our faculty and staffs to our departmental web site. Management information systems is the blended study of business processes, information technologies and human resources. Optimized utilization of these co-existing disciplines leads to the critical success of any business organizations in the modern world. In MIS department, we are focusing ourselves to achieve the best out of these fields through academic, technical and managerial skill developments.
MIS program approach is different from a traditional computer science program. Here we give more emphasis on business functions, strategies and policies. Information system is regarded as an essential tool to support business functions to its optimum level of usage and support business decision making to attain critical successes for a business. Data analysis, resource utilization, and economics plays a pivotal role in business success. We give more importance to information technology application for business functions. Doing so, we are also considering the development of communication and managerial skills among the students. Provide training to our students to analyze business processes, identify improvement opportunities, and critical business information and technical assessments; overall create value through business solutions with the support of information systems.
MIS department hosts seminars, workshops and training program for the students on regular basis. Industry visits and industry job requirement assessment are done frequently. Our graduates are well accepted in the local and global market in the different jobs like business system analyst, IT manager, Data analyst, Application developer, Web developer, ERP-CRM associate, IS marketing and communications manager, content developer, digital marketer, search engine optimization (SEO) developer etc. With the help of highly qualified and industry experienced faculty members, we provide a high-quality degree which is accepted world-wide. Regular consultation with the students to attain their academic and career oriented needs, is a part of our daily routine. Our main objective is to produce students with right knowledge and skills for the academic and corporate world. At the end, I would like you to take this treasured opportunity to gain right qualification for a successful career with us. I wish you a successful and valuable experience with MIS department.

Abul Bashar
Head(Acting), Management Information Systems
School of Business.