Disseminating knowledge through creative and innovative means.


1. To develop distant learning facilities where lessons will be imparted by interrogating rather than by propounding to remote knowledge/skill seekers
2. To construct interactive website containing learning materials
3. To provide quality education to disadvantaged group who, due to socio-economic complications, do not have access to higher education in the Dhaka City.

Potential Benefits to the Society

- The introduction of distant-classroom technology will provide opportunity for everyone throughout the country to avail quality education from their own residence or workplace.

- The centre will accelerate the proviion for skill development for remote learners who will ultimately be assets of the nation.

- The centre will open up the door for professionals with mobility issues for self-development trainings (e.g. corporate grooming sessions)

- Through distance learning, the centre will aim to reduce temporary/permanent population migration to Dhaka City.

Centre for Distance Learning

Centre for Distance Learning will be equipped with most updated computers, modern software, smart/digital board, LED TV, wireless internet connection, and websites containing interactive learning materials towards modernization of the method of imparting knowledge beyond classroom environment. With the help of the hi-tech remote communication mechanisms, the project intends to cater a high quality learning environment that will complement traditional textbook discussion with active learning, scholarly discourse, and reflection to prospective learners that are scattered in various parts of Bangladesh, and, if possible beyond national border. Innovative classrooms will definitely equip instructors to tailor lectures to fit students’ curiosity, intellectual rigor, critical thinking, and creativity. In addition, the project intends to initiate interactive learning and active participation of students that would ensure the highest quality teaching and creative activities. The focus of the centre is not limited to disseminating traditional degree programs beyond IUB premise; rather the centre seeks to provide various training programs to professionals around the country through distant mode of communication.