About the Department

At Marketing Department of Independent University, Bangladesh; we strive towards marketing excellence by innovative research and confronting real-world issues in the classroom.

The Marketing Department is devoted to superiority in research and teaching. The Department hosts academics with an international study experience and notable corporate endeavor. The assistances of competent faculty members to a steady stream of impactful academic publications and flagship events over the past years have secured this department a reputed position among all other departments.

This Department provides students with the knowledge and skills essential to strategically recognize and develop products and services that meet current market trends. Courses are planned to prepare students for the precisions and opacity of marketing leadership in the contemporary global economy by providing a high degree of skill in analysis, conceptual ability, planning and execution.

Faculties of Marketing Department are committed to providing a pertinent marketing education for students of all levels and preparing them with the knowledge and skills needed for top-flight marketing careers around the globe. Faculty members are also regularly invited to present to local and international conferences and publish their work in top marketing journals, putting them at the forefront of the latest marketing research and trends. They take this experience into the classroom, where marketing students are taught about the various aspects and events happening around the world.

The Department also hosts marketing specialists from diverse corporate areas during the academic year, many of whom share their insights through the Marketing Department seminar series at the Independent Business School.