RESEARCH By Faculty Name

Faculty Name Research
Dr. Shamsun Nahar Momotaz
  • Dr. Shamsun Nahar Momotaz, Effects of Service Quality and Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction to Mobile Internet Service: Evidence from Bangladesh, International Review of Business Research Papers, Vol. 15. No. 1, March 2019, Pages: 60-86, DOI: The paper had been awarded as the Best Paper award in the 9th Global Business Research Conference, December 21-22, 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Mohammed Sohel Islam
  • “Repeat Purchase Intention of Supermarket Consumers” (Independent Business Review, Vol. 03, No.1, January 2010).
  • “Leadership Styles” (American International University-Bangladesh.The AIUB Faculty Journal, Vol. 01, No.3, Fall 2009-10).
Abul Khair Jyote
Suman Prosad Saha
  • Saha, S.P., Shakib, S., “Market Orientation: Expedition from Antecedents of Business Performance in Alternative Leather Manufacturing Firms: A Study on Alternative Leather Industry in Bangladesh”. European Journal of Business and Management. ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online). Vol.8, No.15, 2016.
  • Saha, S.P., “An Analysis of Internet Banking Service Quality Affecting Customer Satisfaction with a Focus on United Commercial Bank Limited in Bangladesh”. Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research, ISSN 2422-8451. Vol. 20, 2016.
Zakia Binte Jamal
Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Azim