MSc in Economics Tuition Fees

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Tuition Fees of MSc in Economics

Application Form Tk. 1000
Admission fee Tk. 20,000
Activity Fee Tk. 7,000  (once during admission)
Tuition Fees @ Credit Tk. 4,500 (Total Tuition Fee = 4500*30 = 1,35,000 Tk )
Grand Total Tk. 1,63,000
*All new female students will get 10% discount on Tuition Fees per credit hour for graduate program (For Autumn’17 students and onwwards).

Financial Aid

  •  Graduate Assistantship
  •  10% tuition discount for IUB graduates
  •  20% merit discount (based on admission test/interview and undergraduate result)
  •  30% discount for siblings
  •   50/100% discount for children of freedom fighters
  •  Payment of fees in installments