MBA in International Business

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MBA in International Business  Structure

Courses Credits
Foundation Courses 24
Integration Courses 24
Focus Area 12
Total Requirement 60

Focus Area (Concentration in International Business) Total 12 Credit Hours Any four courses from the following:
INB 541 International Trade and Investment Theory 3
INB 542 International Management 3
INB543 Bangladesh in International Business 3
INB544 Negotiation and Diplomacy 3
INB545 Global Marketing 3
INB546 International Commercial Law 3
INB547 International Human Resource Management 3
INB548 WTO and Multilateral Trade Arrangement 3
INB549 International Financial Management 3
INB550 International Business Environment 3
INB551 International Comparative Management 3
INB552 International Supply Chain Management 3
INB580 Global Strategic Management 3

Proposed course plan for concentration in International Business

Year Semester Course Course Course Course
First Year 1st Semester MBA 501 MBA 502 MBA 503
2nd Semester MBA 504 MBA 505 MBA 506 MBA 507
3rd Semester MBA 508 MBA 510 MBA 511
Second Year 4th Semester MBA 509 MBA 512 MBA 513 MBA 515
5th Semester MBA 514 INB 541 INB 542
6th Semester MBA 550 INB 543 INB 544

Note: Note: A student is required to complete a total of 12 credit hours in the “Focus Area” but can choose any 4 courses (12 credit hours) out of the 13 courses offered in the area of Major (International Business).

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