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MBA 509 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
Studies the general and special functions of a professional in personnel, including human resource planning, recruiting, selecting, training, placing, appraising, compensating, discharging, or laying- off, and controlling the work environment: recognizing legal requirements and the interests and rights of employees and the firm.

MBA 510 Macro Economics (3 credits)
The main focus of this course is to relate macro-economic theories to business decision making. The course starts with concepts of national income accounting, investigates economic aggregates and leads to development of forecasts for business condition analysis.

MBA 511 Financial Management (3 credits)
An overview of current theory and practice of financial administration with emphasis on the development of decision making criteria. Major topics to be covered include financial statement analysis, time value of money, cost of capital, security valuation, risk and return, capital budgeting decisions, and the cost of capital.

MBA 512  Operations Management (3 credits)
This course provides introduction to philosophy and techniques of production and operations Management. Topics include project planning, risk evaluation, and decisions with regard to resource allocation, materials and inventory, service, scheduling, distribution and facilities.

MBA 513 Management Accounting (3 credits)
This course is designed for management personnel who are not accountants but need to understand and use accounting information in their decision making. Examines the framework underlying management accounting and describes how accounting information should be used to fulfill planning, control, and performance evaluation functions. Topics include job and process costing, standards, budgets, estimates; the interpretation and utilization of accounting reports and statements to control current operations and formulate policies for the future.

MBA 514 International Business (3 credits)
The main focus for this course is on the analysis of the major business management functions of international business environment, organizational policies and strategies of multi-national companies, industrial relations and control policies. Topics include Trade and Investment theories, various environment of international business, Foreign Exchange, Finance and Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Technology in the context of international business.

MBA 515 Legal & Ethical Issues in Business (3 credits)
The course is designed to help the students in learning the application of law to business transactions and their legal responsibility as managers. The course includes those aspects of law as related to business e.g., contract, agency sale of goods, negotiable instruments, insolvency, partnership and labor. Beginning with the nature and sources of business law the students will be required to conceptualize the legal system and relationship in the context of Bangladesh. The course is also designed to help future managers understand the importance of ethics in business as an element extremely important for operating in the global market. The course will include all the aspects of business ethics centering on both the local as well as international perspective.

MBA 550 Strategic Management (3 credits)
A capstone seminar in the formulation and administration of organizational planning and policy. The student is given the opportunity to utilize, integrate, and apply the theories, concepts, principles, and techniques acquired in his/her other MBA coursework (i.e., marketing, management, accounting, finance, statistics) to empirical business problems and situations, Use of case studies, course projects, library research, field research, group decision making, role playing, simulations, and other strategic planning exercises.