Iftekhar Mahfuz

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Iftekhar Mahfuz

Lecturer A (Equivalent to Senior Lecturer)

Email: parel.iftekhar@iub.edu.bd
Department: General Management
Room No: 4004

Academic Qualifications

  • M.Sc in Innovation Management, Manchester Business School (MBS), The University of Manchester (UOM), UK.
  •  B.Sc (Department of Economics, Independent University Bangladesh).

Research Interest

Mobile Banking Decision sciences(multi-criteria decision analysis) Value creation Social business Crowd sourcing

“Mr Iftekhar Mahfuz is a Lecturer A (Equivalent to Senior Lecturer) of Management, School of Business at Independent University Bangladesh. He received his Masters degree in Innovation Management from Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester in UK and BSc in Economics from Independent University, Bangladesh. He joined Independent University Bangladesh shortly after completing his MSc programme. His research interests include mobile banking, mobile money transfer, social business and value creation, decision sciences, and crowd sourcing.”

  • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (non-credit course authorized by University of Maryland through Coursera, online)
  •  STATA training completion at University of Dhaka
  • Mahfuz, I., & Alam, K.M.S. (2014). A Critical Analysis of Crowdsourcing (Such as crowd funding)Processes and Practices by Companies. International Conference on Developing China’s Innovation–Based Economy through Technology Entrepreneurship,29-30th April 2014, Changchun, China.
  •  Bahar, V., Alam, K.M.S., Mahfuz, I. and Khan, T., “The Re-conceptualization of Value in Management Theory and the Utilization of Value Stream Analysis to Implement the Redefined Value: a Social Business Perspective.” Presented on 24th January at the 2014 Hawaii Global Conference on Business and Finance, USA.
  •  Mahfuz, I., Alam, K.M.S., “Successful mobile banking or mobile money transfer platform in a developing country context” IFIM is organizing it’s 5th International Conference, “Role of Innovation in Business” 16th-17th May 2013 at IFIM Business School in Electronics City, Bangalore, India. Published in Conference Proceedings.
  •  Mursalin, A.T., Alam, K.M.S., Mahfuz, I. “An analysis of Factors Contributing to the Increase of Tobacco Consumption in Bangladesh Despite Restrictive Anti-Smoking Policies” 2013 International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences (ICESS-2013) Bangkok, Thailand, June 22-23, 2013 Paper accepted for publication.
  • Harvard Business School publishing “Case Method Teaching Seminar” on 25th February 2015 at IE business school, Madrid, Spain.
  •  Workshop on “Enhancement of teaching quality” 27th November at Independent University, Bangladesh 2014.
  • Mursalin, A.T., Alam, K.M.S., Mahfuz, I. (2013) An analysis of Factors Contributing to the Increase of Tobacco Consumption in Bangladesh despite Restrictive Anti-Smoking Policies. Journal of Social and Development Sciences, 4 (7), 333-339.
  •  Mahfuz, I., Alam, K.M.S., (2013) “Successful mobile banking or mobile money transfer platform in adeveloping country context” International Journal of Applied Research in Business Administration and Economics, IJAR-BAE (set-scholar), 02 (06), 10-20.
  •  VS Bahar, KMS Alam, I Mahfuz, T Khan, (2015) “The Utilization Of Value Stream Analysis To Implement Redefined Value: A Social Business Perspective” Review of Business & Finance Studies 6 (2), 85.


  • “A unique business model: Crowdsourcing for branding and marketing” anniversary issue 2014, The financial express, Bangladesh.
  • Mahfuz, I., Alam, K.M.S., “A critical analysis of crowdsourcing (such as crowd funding) processes andpractices by companies.”
  •  Mahtab, F., Mahfuz, I., “Determinants of the adoption of online tax payment system of Citibank, N.A.Bangladesh by the corporations of Bangladesh.”
  •  Mahfuz, I., Saha, S.P, “Relationship between participative management and job satisfaction among the local firms.”
  •  Mahfuz,I, Saha, S.P, Mahtab, F.,“Adoption of Mobile Money Transfer Services in Bangladesh: a structural equation modeling approach.”
  •  Alam, K.M.S., Mahfuz, I., Jahan, R “Use of Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Business Location Decision: A Case of Developing a Risk Reaction Spectrum for Haque Confectionaries, Bangladesh”.