Dr. Maqbool Kader Quraishi

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Dr. Maqbool Kader Quraishi

Assistant Professor

Email: quraishmk@iub.edu.bd
Department: Accounting
Room No: 3007

Academic Qualifications

  • MSc. in Accounting and Finance (Cardiff University)
  •  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Accounting (Independent University, Bangladesh)

Work experiences

  • Senior Lecturer, Accounting, Independent University, Bangladesh (2016 –2017)
  • Lecturer, Accounting, Independent University, Bangladesh (2012- 2016)

Dr. Maqbool Quraishi is a Assistant Professor of Accounting in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Independent University, Bangladesh. Maqbool studied at the Cardiff University where he completed his M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance. His research focuses on socio-political contexts of accounting and accountability practice. With the aim of democratizing accounting and accountability practice, Maqbool is particularly interested in post-structural critical discourse theory such as critical dialogic accounting theory.

Journal Articles

  • Quraishi, M. K., & Reza, N. (2015). “Quality of Bank Audit in Bangladesh and Relationship between Audit Quality and Share Price”. Elk Asia Pacific Journal of Finance and Risk Management, Vol. 6, No. 2, ISSN 2394-2325. Available at: http://www.elkjournals.com/MasterAdmin/UploadFolder/3-QUALITY-OF-BANK-AUDIT-INBANGLADESH-AND-RELATIONSHIP-2/3-QUALITY-OF-BANK-AUDIT-IN-BANGLADESH-ANDRELATIONSHIP-2.pdf
  •  Quraishi, M. K., & Mahtab, N. (2014). Dividend Payout Study of Companies in Bangladesh: A Preliminary Study. Independent Business Review Vol.7 No.1 ISSN o1996-3572.
  •  Quraishi, M. K., & Islam, S. (2014). The Adoption of IAS/IFRS in a Developing Country – A Case of Bangladesh. Elk Asia Pacific Journal of Finance and Risk Management, Vol. 5 No.3, ISSN 0976-7185 (Print) ISSN 2349-2325 (Online). Available at: http://www.elkjournals.com/MasterAdmin/UploadFolder/The%20Adoption%20of%20IASIFRS-2- 3/The%20Adoption%20of%20IASIFRS-2-3.pdf
  • Quraishi, M. K. (2015). Adoption of International Accounting Standard in a Developing Country. Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • “The Politics and Struggle of Accountability”, presented at the Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium (Sponsored by Emerald Publishing) – The 9th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) Conference, July 2019, at Auckland, New Zealand.
  • “Adoption and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards in Bangladesh: The Evidence from Banking Sector”, Presented at the 4th International Conference Management, Accounting, Banking, Economics and Business Research, March 2016 at Malaysia.
  • “Dividend Pay-out Study of Companies in Bangladesh”, Presented at the International Conference on Business, Law and Corporate Social Responsibility (ICBLCSR’14), October 2014 at Thailand.
  • “The Adoption of IAS/IFRS in a Developing Country-A Case of Bangladesh” Presented at the International Conference on Social Science and Management, August 2013 at Indonesia.