IMA Hosted ‘Clash of BizWords – An Intra University Business Debate Competition’ on IUB Premises.

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On 1st of December, 2022 – the Independent Marketers’ Association -IMA staged the finals of the first ever intra-business debating tournament of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), the “Clash of BizWords.”

IMA runs with student-oriented philosophy and marketing as a strategic concentration. IMA incorporates harmonizing activities that will shape the campus culture and create learning with creativity, fun and festivity for the marketing students. For dreamers, this is the platform to showcase talent and creativity and achieve the optimum goal. Not only that, BUT IMA is ALSO one of IUB’s most prestigious and dynamic clubs of IUB. IMA aspires to bring the youths of IUB in line with the ever-growing marketing world. 

After a lengthy break from the pandemic, IMA came up with the novel idea of holding an intra debate tournament in which students could improve their analytical skills and refine their thinking talents, as debating is one platform where you can do both. Students from throughout the institution were invited to take part in this debating fiesta. This competition examined significant commercial issues of the current world, and the students engaged in heated debates to find appropriate solutions to the challenges. Furthermore, because the event involved the entire IUB, students had the opportunity to interact and form connections with students from other schools. This was a project aimed at realizing the objective of the Club Coordinator and the Vice Chancellor. The Independent Marketers’ Association -IMA attempted to bring to light the visions of acknowledged visionaries.

The event featured 32 teams from around the university, with the competition following the WSDC format. The event’s winners were the All Stars from the business department, with team Mission 12k coming in second place in this battle of words. 

The closing ceremony of the event was conducted at the premises of IUB where the Chief Guest of the event was none other than the respected Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Meherun Ahmed. She was accompanied by the club Coordinator Mr. Abul Khair Jyote, club Mentor Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Azim and the Head of Marketing Department Mr. Mohammed Sohel Islam.