EBC Hosted ‘Pepsi Turf’ On IUB Premises

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While this year’s football has given us goosebumps, Pepsi Bangladesh came up with something
exciting. With the slogan ~ SIP|PLAY|WIN ~, the caravan of Pepsi Bangladesh arrived at
Independent University, Bangladesh hosted by E-Business Club on 5 th December 2022. E-
Business Club stands with a spirit and philosophy that inspires and influences each member to
strive to make their dreams into reality. Our goal is to encourage such visionaries to enter the
corporate world by fostering an atmosphere where they feel comfortable approaching ideas. Our
objective is to build a platform that will lead, educate, and benefit eager IUB students. Their
success is indeed our success, and we as a club intend to support them along the road as we
develop both as a community and as individuals.
The event started at 11 AM with the introduction of various exciting games such as Virtual
Reality (VR) Gaming, Crossbar Challenge, Foosball, and Freestyle Challenge. Moreover, the
winners of the games were awarded exclusive Pepsi merchandise products. Not only the youth
but also the senior administrative members of IUB enjoyed the activities.
Special appearances were made by IUB’s Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship,
Professor Dr. Mehrun Ahmed who participated in the activities of the event and won challenges.
Her presence enlightened us by showcasing her appreciation for the value of sport in the
student's life. Md. Aminul Islam, Club Coordinator, E Business Club also spent some time to
oversee the activities.
The event’s main attractions were none other than our freestylers Ashraful Islam Jhohan and
Rahman Jubaer, both Guinness World Record Holders from Bangladesh. The students of IUB
were super excited to see the tricks of freestyling performed by two of the best football
freestylers, who engaged and challenged the students to compete with them to win exclusive
Pepsi merchandise. The students loved their presence and enjoyed their time at the Pepsi Turf.