Meet the Professionals 2.0

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On 16 March 2023, the Department of Accounting and Independent Accounting Association
hosted the second edition of Meet the Professionals 2.0. After a successful first edition with the
Senior Management of A Kashem Chartered Accountants, the second edition was graced by
guests from ACNABIN Chartered Accountants. The distinguished speaker for this event was Mr.
Abdullah Al Mamun, FCA, Director of Audit and Assurance at ACNABIN Chartered
The program was inaugurated by Dr Rushdi Razzaque, Head of the Department of Accounting.
He encouraged the participants on the need to explore Chartered Accountancy (CA) as a career
and highlighted the University’s efforts to develop meaningful collaboration with the industry.
Following which Mr. Mamun took the stage and discussed multiple facets of the CA Career and
opportunities for the students at ACNABIN Chartered Accountants. He discussed the steps
required to enroll into the CA Program, the study techniques and exam requirements and the
great financial and career growth rewards which comes part and parcel of a career in Charter
Mr. Mamun also stressed the importance of industry-academia collaboration and the rule changes
to the CA curriculum and examination requirements. The program was followed by a lively
question and answer session from the participants motivated by the challenges and rewards of the
CA profession.