“Meet the Chartered Accountants”

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On 13 th October 2022, The Department of Accounting and its extracurricular wing Independent
Accounting Association of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Independent
University, Bangladesh, hosted dignitaries from A Qasem & Co. Chartered Accountants for a
lively session on different aspects of the professional journey of a Chartered Accountant.
Dr. Rushdi Razzaque, Head of the Department of Accounting, started proceedings by greeting
the guests and discussing the broader objectives of the program. Honorable Vice Chancellor,
Professor Tanweer Hasan, Ph.D., Guest of Honor at the event, highlighted the importance of
accounting in daily & professional life and academic excellence and urged industry-academia
collaboration to enhance the employability of the graduates.
The Vice Chancellor shared anecdotes from his personal experiences with the audience to
highlight multiple instances where he has stressed the importance of studying the core
accounting courses at the University level. Furthermore, he inquired about the possibility of
extended cooperation from the industry practitioners to conciliate the curriculum of the academic
industry to enhance the depth of the curriculum for the graduates being trained by it.
The Managing Partner at A Qasem & Co. Chartered Accountants, Ms. Akhtar Sanjida Kasem,
FCA, FCMA, FCE, who was the Special Guest at the event, shared her journey on her path to
Chartered Accountancy and highlighted the importance and strengths of Chartered Accountancy
as a career. Her words of wisdom were followed by inspirational and insightful stories, facts, and
information about the field of Chartered Accounting by practitioners- some of whom are alums
of IUB.