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To welcome all the faculty members and students back to offline classes after a long break, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) organized a homecoming event. The Dean of SBE Prof. Meherun Ahmed was present at the event, where all the faculty members of SBE joined her to welcome everyone wholeheartedly.

The session started with an informal meet and greet between all the students and faculty members of SBE. Students were greeted with chocolates by the members of IMA, who were also a part of organizing the event. The SBE was decorated with balloons, flowers, banners and props of superheroes to compare IUBians with the superheroes. There were many fun activities like a raffle draw session and photo booths for the IUBians. Students gave interviews where they expressed their feelings of coming back to the campus and about their life during the pandemic.

It was both an emotional and fun moment for everyone as IUB campus life was reviving after two years because of the pandemic. The students got to see their classmates for the first time with whom they bonded during online classes. Also, many of them were meeting with the faculty members for the very first time on campus whose courses they did virtually throughout an entire semester. There were confession boards in which IUBians, faculty members, including the honorable Dean, Prof. Meherun Ahmed expressed their joys of returning at campus.

After the impromptu session, Prof. Meherun Ahmed, respected dean of SBE joyfully greeted all and to display her caring and supportive personality, she asked the students to drop by her office whenever they needed her help. In a humorous manner, she told them that unfortunately, they had to go back to their classes after the event ended as she did not want the students to miss their first day of offline classes.

To conclude the memorable event honorable Dean, Prof. Meherun Ahmed, faculty members of SBE and students had a photo session to capture the memories of that day. All in all the homecoming event was a big success because of the presence of the Dean of SBE, faculty members of SBE, students and the hard work and efforts of the members Independent Marketers’ Association (IMA), who worked tirelessly to make the event a remarkable one.