IHRS Enters into the Offline Phase

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Independent Human Resource Society (IHRS) organized its first offline skill development session of this year on 19th January 2022. The topic of the session was ‘Art of Communication’. President of IHRS, Shanjana Islam conducted the whole session.

The session started with a short greeting among the participants as it was an offline session after so long. Shanjana Islam explained how communication works and how people can communicate effectively and efficiently. She also shared some of the relevant real life communication problems that students face. While People struggle to approach someone to get a task done, on the other hand, a person with good communication skills can achieve it easily.

The participants gave their best to learn from the session and they asked various types of questions which were answered by Shanjana Islam brilliantly. Overall, the session was really interactive. In the feedback form, participants mentioned that they want more sessions like this and are eager to join us.

Though due to the current scenario, IHRS may reenter into the online phase, but IHRS hope to continue conducting essential skill development sessions regularly in every possible and convenient platform.