IEB presents Finwizz 2022

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FinWizz 2022 was held from June 2-9, 2022, at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). The week-long competition was organized by Independent Beta Elites (IBE), the official club of the Department of Finance of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE). The event comprised of teams of three to participate in a 3-round challenge, where they had to utilize and demonstrate the best of their Finance knowledge and analytical skills. Over 60 students participated, with 16 making it to the final round.

A workshop was held to inaugurate the event on 2nd June, Thursday by IBE Club Coordinator and Senior Lecturer Mr. Mohammad Fahad Noor. Head of Department of Finance and Associate Professor Dr. Samiul Parvez Ahmed, Head of Department of Accounting and Associate Professor Dr. Rushdi Md. Rezaur Razzaque, and Head of Department of Management and Assistant Professor Dr. Abul Bashar were judges at the final round held on 9th June, Thursday. Club Coordinator Mohammad Fahad Noor, and faculties of the Department of Finance – Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Taslim Uddin, Senior Lecturer Ms. Zaima Ahmed, and Senior Lecturer Mr. Anwar Zahid were also present. After the presentation of the 6 teams who went to the final round, the scores were tallied by the esteemed faculties and the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and the winning teams were announced by the Club Coordinator, the Head of the Department of Finance, and the Honorable Dean of School of Business and Entrepreneurship Professor Dr. Meherun Ahmed, who graced the event with her presence and imparted words of wisdom and encouragement upon the participants. FinWizz 2022 was a successful event which demonstrated a strong comeback of IBE post-Covid and opens IUB to the prospect of many more exciting upcoming events on the horizon.