Case Master: Case Cracking Workshop

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Independent Students’ Entrepreneurship Club (ISEC) hosted Case Master: Case Cracking Workshop, the first ever case cracking workshop at IUB. The event was hosted on Thursday June 02, 2022. The purpose of the workshop was to train the students who are interested in participating at various business case competitions to effectively solve case studies.

The workshop was conducted by Sonaly Siddique, Territory Officer at British American Tobacco, Bangladesh (BAT,B) and Sibbir Riyan, Product Marketing Executive at MyAlice. Sonaly spoke about the nature of business case competitions, how to form teams and effectively analyze case studies in  business competitions. Sibbir shared his invaluable knowledge and experience from numerous case competitions and solved a case first-hand which enabled participants to grasp the nuances of case competitions.

Dr Mehrun Ahmed, Dean, School of Business and Entrepreneurship graced the event by her presence. In her brief speech she mentioned the value of extracurricular activities for a student’s resume. She emphasized that besides earning your degree one must be able to enrich their curriculum vitae by developing skills and gaining exposure or experience in competitions. She also encouraged the students to be more proactive and dynamic.

Md. Tanvir Rahman, one of the participants said, “The guests ISEC brought are prodigies in the field of case competitions and everything was analyzed in a broad manner.” This programme was made possible by the tireless efforts of the club executive body members Allin Mohana Biswas, Nishan Virani, Fardeen Hossain Bhuiyan, Labiba Anjumi Kabir, Nuha Zareen, Rakib Chowdhury, Tasmia Islam and Wasiul Hoque.

Business competitions can be rather nerve-wracking for students. With travel and time crunches, networking and presenting, there are a lot of components that push people outside of their comfort zones. In order to educate and inspire students about case competitions, Case Master work shop was arranged. The Entrepreneurship club plans to host more such events in the near future.