International e-Conference on Japanology in New Era

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Prof. Dr. Mohd. Aminul Karim, Professor, Department of General Management, School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE), Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) presented a paper titled, “Will Japan Challenge China Overtly in the Indio-Pacific?” at International e-Conference on Japanology on Friday, 29th January 2021 organized by Department of Japan Studies, Dhaka University.

Over 100 academics from 37 universities, 7 research organizations from 16 countries such as Bangladesh, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, UAE, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia. Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, and Singapore participated to celebrate the 100 years of Dhaka University anniversary and presented papers in 16 sessions. The Plenary and working sessions were attended by a large body of observers from diverse discipline. Besides, the Inaugural and Closing Sessions were widely attended by dignitaries, academics, researchers, students, and journalists. The total number of attendees in the Inaugural Session including Zoom and Facebook was around 6 thousand and around 5 thousand people had witnessed the Closing Session. It was a great occasion to exchange ideas and wisdom with scholars from far and wide.