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School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE), Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) congratulates John Mark Joy Madhu on his outstanding achievement in being the recipient of the Best “All-Rounder” Award on the 21st Convocation of IUB along with the honor of being a Gold Medalist. This award is the highest of the highest award in IUB which portrays the student as being the best deserving candidate for having excelled in all perspectives of academics, extracurriculars, sports, cultural activities, community service, club affiliations etc.

John Mark Joy, an esteemed graduate of the Department of Finance, is an outstanding achiever in his undergraduate academics with a CGPA of 3.99 (on a scale of 4.00). His major is Finance with minor being Economics. Alongside that, he also has various international achievements such as being a recipient of the prestigious U.S. Department of State’s Global UGRAD exchange program where he spent a semester studying abroad at Illinois State University, USA representing IUB and Bangladesh with the U.S. citizens in 2017. Besides, he also represented and participated in Beyond Borders Youth Summit in Malaysia in 2019. His notable participation in sports has also landed him a Guinness World Record certification of being a participant in ‘Longest Single Line of Moving Bicycles’ where he represented IUB Cycling Club in 2016. He’s also very good at Kayaking. He has been involved with Duke of Edinburgh’s club in IUB with a Bronze Award which inspired him to do various community service activities nationally and internationally with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, McLean County Nursing Home etc. He was a Facilitator at ActionAid along with being a DFID Youth Advisory Group member. He also participated in Choir at Dhaka International Assembly (DIA) Church and the Music Buzz sessions at The American Center, U.S. Embassy Dhaka. Besides, he was also very active in club activities; he was the Founding Secretary of Independent Beta Elites, Designer & Editor of Independent Economic Society, President of IUB Cycle Club. He is also a Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) as Certified by ISCEA Bangladesh. He led the team which was the Champion of ‘Econ Brainiac’ Competition at IUB in 2018. Additionally, he is a great speaker and presenter who has shared his culture and language with people at Washington DC – USA, Hancock Stadium – USA, Port Dickson – Malaysia along with hosting programs and magazine launching ceremonies/events at IUB. Additionally, he also been awarded numerous Academic Awards, Honor Roles both at IUB and World Learning through Illinois State University.

Therefore, School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE), IUB is proud to have such a well-rounded individual among us who has accomplished great milestones while being a student. From the very beginning, John Mark Joy had that spark in him which aspired him to progress forward with perseverance. We congratulate him on his success and wish him all the best for achieving more accolades in future.