IHRS executed virtual ‘Summer 21 Orientation’

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Independent Human Resource Society (IHRS) has virtually conducted its Summer 2021 Orientation.

The session started with an introduction video of a walk through to IHRS journey. We had the privilege to have our dean ma’am Prof. Dr. Meherun Ahmed and she shared her inspiring ideas about being adaptive and curious to learn new things. She encouraged all the members to have a balanced academic and co-curricular participation. After that the Head of the HR Department, Dr. A.N.M. Shibly Noman Khan, Associate professor Dr. Ikramul Hasan along with Faculty Advisor of IHRS, Mr. Abdullah Al Ahad, continued the session and shared their experiences and thoughts on IHRS.

There was a riddle segment that was very engaging where the members got to participate and have an exciting mindfulness in the virtual orientation. After that, the President, Vice Presidents and executive board members have shared the memories of their exciting journey with IHRS and how they executed their valuable learning in their career. They encouraged the new bunch to possess a learning spirit to take a great experience from the university as well as from IHRS. The Session ended with the introduction of Team IHRS and the activities of each team.

In conclusion, it can be said that the bonding of IHRS with its members is incredible. From the beginning, the teammates and seniors always put their best to encourage you and support you in your activities. This is how a great emotion is created within a family.