Thesis Writing Session – Summer 2021

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The Department of Economics organized the “Thesis Writing Session” on Saturday, 26 June 2021. This was an online training session on thesis writing for the students who enrolled in ‘ECN490/ECN599 – Research Project/ Thesis’ for Summer 2021. The session was conducted by Dr. Shahriar Kabir, Associate Professor and Head (Acting), Department of Economics.

Three major issues were focused during the thesis writing session. First, the students were introduced to the concept of publishable thesis. They were explained in detail about the significance of research background and problem statement, connecting the problem statement to the aim and research gap, and finally, linking the literature, research gap and the methodology for a better tuning. Second, some literature indexing techniques were explained which would enable students to easily handle the phase of literature review. Third, the Plagiarism issue was explained, and some tools were discussed to avoid plagiarism when writing the thesis.

The 2-hours Thesis Writing Session was recorded using the Google Meet recording facility and shared with students for future reference.