IHRS Virtual Orientation Autumn 2021

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On August 23, 2021, IHRS organized the Virtual orientation for Autumn 2021 recruits. The new IHRS members were welcomed to the organization with a summary of its mission and tagline. Then, there was an introduction of Dean Ma’am and the Academic HR Department to the new recruits. The orientation program was hosted by two of its brilliant core members, Shahrukh Bin Hannan & Sanjia Binte Shams Mriduly. After the introduction of the current official board and alumni, the founder of IHRS, Mr. Aminur Rashid, shared the vision on how the club operates, with a virtual reminiscence to the memory lane of our previously conducted activities.

The members of IHRS club had a lively quiz session and spinning wheel segments that were created by the core team members. New members spontaneously engaged with the activities, some even showed great performance. After the exciting round of games, the President, Mr. Mazed Hossain Makki, and the Vice Presidents, Ms. Tanjila Reza & Mr. Iftekhan Bin Elias, shared their valuable insights about how they implemented what they learned from their time at the club, how it helped to transition into their career, as well as encouraging new participants to be dedicated and passionate in order to achieve success.

The Orientation Program ended with the introduction of Team IHRS and the activities of each team. Last but not the least, it can be said that IHRS has successfully established an inseparable bond with its new members. Through this enjoyable virtual interaction IHRS has shown that everyone is welcomed to the family and it looks forward to nurturing the members for a better future.