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On November 05, 2021, Independent HR Society arranged an online sds on “LinkedIn Profile Creation”. The session was conducted by Mr. Mazed Hossain Makki, who is currently working as Recruitment Executive at Munshi HR Solutions Limited.

Mr. Mazed Hossain Makki shared his experience on LinkedIn profile creation and how to get started from scratch all the way up to earning an “all-star” badge. He even went into detail about what a recruiter looks in the LinkedIn profiles when they’re hiring someone.

Now-a-days, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular professional networking sites used by professionals from various sectors. LinkedIn profile portrays one’s professional image, it is an authentic place to showcase skills and experience in a convincing manner which afterwards helps to get a boost to the career. For university students, LinkedIn is a place to network with other professionals such as alumni, mentors, internship supervisors and professors. These connections can be helpful for several reasons, such as to get learning ideas, professional experience sharing and expanding networking opportunities. Having a LinkedIn profile is now seen as being just as important as having a resume. So, students should start updating their LinkedIn profile from their educational period.

The session was insightful as Mr. Mazed H Makki shared his own LinkedIn profile and explained all the segments in updating the profile with correct information. The session ended with an interactive question answer segment where the participants got the opportunity of asking questions to the speaker and the speaker answered the questions promptly.