Department of Accounting, SBE presents Online Accounting Quiz Competition – 2021

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Department of Accounting, School of Business and Entrepreneurship has successfully organized the Accounting Quiz Competition 2021. The first part of the competition included an online skills development workshop on practical Accounting knowledge in the Real Estate Industry conducted by Bay Developments Ltd. The workshop was followed by an online quiz competition based on the content of the workshop and accounting content knowledge. Professor Dr. Meherun Ahmed, Dean, SBE, IUB inaugurated the competition. She encouraged all the participants to focus on developing their communication and technical skills to complement their academics and enhance employability. Dr. Rushdi Razzaque, Head, Department of Accounting shared valuable insights for the participants focusing on the importance of extracurricular activities. Aadiba Hossain Samah became the Champion, Samin Maliyath the 1st Runner up and Humaira Nawar Mahmood the 2nd Runner up of Accounting Quiz Competition 2021.