CA Bangladesh Live Session featuring Independent University, Bangladesh

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants Bangladesh (ICAB) organized a live session titled “Start Chartered Accountancy when you study in College/University” featuring Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) on the 21st of October, 2021. A faculty member from the Department of Accounting, a distinguished IUB alumni who is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, and current IUB students from the BBA Program were present during the program.

The program was broadcasted live from the ICAB social media platforms. Concurrently, members of the Independent Accounting Association (IAA) – the extracurricular wing of the Department of Accounting at the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) – watched the program broadcasted live on the IAA social media platform. The discussion was lively, insightful and rich in information for the current IUB students. The program encompassed various aspects related to pursuing the CA qualification – in terms of both academic and work experience requirements- and shed a lot of light on the steps involved in commencing CA studies while being enrolled as a university student.

Students completing the BBA program in Accounting from Independent University, Bangladesh – upon meeting certain academic requirements – will receive an exemption of three papers from the CA program due to the extensive studies undertaken during the BBA in Accounting degree, which fast tracks the accounting graduates in their bid to become a Chartered Accountant.

The discussions revolved around disseminating information so as to why a career as a Chartered Accountant is so rewarding terms of learning opportunities, compensation and growth, how to enrol in the CA program while being enrolled as a student of IUB, and a walk down through the memory lane of the days spent in pursuing the CA qualification by the alumni. Further discussions encompassed insights around how the concurrent Accounting BBA courses and CA studies will allow students to benefit from the synergies of the course content and how ICAB collaboration with global accounting bodies gives Chartered Accountants the possibility to develop a career overseas.